Why is the entry machine a hit? 5 major causes analysis
Mar 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Why is the entry machine a hit? 5 major causes analysis

It has been reported for you earlier that the data statistics company Canalys released the top 10 global mobile phone sales in 2019, and the Android sales champion is not a flagship product, but an entry machine. With smartphones already saturated, many manufacturers are adding more new designs and stronger hardware to their flagship products to attract consumers, but why are they not as good as an entry machine?

Data statistics company Canalys has released the top 10 global mobile phone sales in 2019, of which Apple's iPhone XR has the highest sales, respectively:

iPhone XR
iPhone 11
Samsung Galaxy A10
Samsung Galaxy A50
Samsung Galaxy A20
Redmi Note 7
iPhone 8
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 7
Samsung Galaxy S10 +

iphone 11 select 2019 family

I think there are 5 reasons:

1: Not everyone attaches great importance to shooting

The focus of most high-end cameras is also on shooting capabilities, but in fact, many people's requirements for photography are limited to food or record use, even a single lens is sufficient.

2: Too expensive! Better to buy computers and game consoles with spreads

The flagship machine is too expensive, and the entry-level machine is more cost-effective, and the difference can be used to buy a computer or game machine at any time to meet different purposes.

3: just for contact

In recent years, many companies have purchased smart phones instead of fixed-line phones because of the functions of smart phones, which are more convenient and versatile than desktop fixed-line phones. No need for powerful hardware, just a newer Android system and running the software they want.

4: Used as a backup phone

Smart phones have become an indispensable product for users. Once a smart phone is damaged, it will be isolated from the world. Therefore, many users want to own two or more smart phones. As a backup machine, they do not need too strong hardware specifications. Need to be used as a substitute in case of emergency or major smartphone damage.

5: Dealing with strangers as a stand-in

Many street scammers this year, imitating law enforcement officers to intercept users' personal belongings and information in smartphones, have occurred all over the world, so a backup smartphone can effectively reduce the chance of personal information leakage, Therefore, many people buy entry-level smart phones as a countermeasure.