Why did Apple postpone the iPhone release?
Sep 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Why did Apple postpone the iPhone release?

Apple did not release the iPhone smartphone at the earlier conference, but only released new versions of the iPad, iPad Air and Apple Watch. Why did Apple not release a new generation of iPhone at the same time? The author believes that the main reason is related to the epidemic, so I will analyze it with you now.

The main reason why Apple’s iPhone uses Face ID as a secure unlocking method is that it can improve security while reducing the space occupied by the display. However, at present, every user must wear a mask when going out to allow users who use Face ID. The iPhone has become one of the slowest smartphones to unlock in 2020, so Apple is facing the problem of unlocking without changing the design of the display.

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In the fourth generation of the iPad Air, it can be seen that Apple has admitted that Face ID is a problem in the epidemic. In fact, it is more convenient to use Touch ID on handheld devices because it does not need to be restricted by the angle when using it, and it can be unlocked quickly. Tim Cook After taking office, I am also quite willing to listen to the voice of users, so I may temporarily need to add Touch ID hardware, and more time is needed to test, resulting in iPhone not being able to meet you on time in September.

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Of course, there are other reasons that the foundry production line stopped operating, which caused problems. However, the time when the manufacturer was stopped should not have much impact. At most, the supply is reduced. Therefore, the biggest reason is a temporary design change. The most likely one is Touch ID power button.

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