What's so good about Apple Watch Series 6? It may detect some symptoms of COVID-19
Sep 2020

Kirsten Thomas

What's so good about Apple Watch Series 6? It may detect some symptoms of COVID-19

Apple Watch Series 6 will be available for pre-order on Thursday and will be officially launched next week. This time Apple has added more health-related functions to the watch, allowing its application to expand to a wider range of areas. In addition to the anticipated sleep detection is finally here, even blood oxygen concentration detection that you may think you don't need may actually have a significant impact on you.

Please note that this article did not ask for expert opinions, and the medical explanation is for reference only.

Blood oxygen concentration is more important than you think

Blood oxygen concentration is an indicator of physical health, especially for people with respiratory problems. You can also use blood oxygen concentration to detect your physical condition. And this year, there is a disease that even brought the so-called "invisible hypoxia" symptoms to some patients, and that is COVID-19. Such symptoms are often observed in climbers and pilots. In short, the patient's own blood oxygen concentration is low, but the external performance is quite normal, until the illness may be more serious than expected when it feels uncomfortable.

Therefore, blood oxygen concentration detection may allow some COVID-19 patients to observe symptoms that are difficult to detect by themselves, especially Apple Watch Series 6 can read the background for you during the day and night. However, Apple also emphasizes that this function is only for general fitness and health purposes, not for medical purposes.

Why sleep?

Why sleep? Is a very popular book recently. It explains the importance of sleep and dreaming to humans, and clarifies many people's myths about sleep perception. Among them, the control of the length and quality of sleep is the key health factor that many people most easily overlook. The "Sleep" app of Apple Watch Series 6 can help cultivate regular sleeping habits. If you can persist, it can also make you healthier.