What about suspension? Inventory of the new Magic Keyboard 5 for iPad
Mar 2020

Kirsten Thomas

What about suspension? Inventory of the new Magic Keyboard 5 for iPad

When the new iPad Pro was announced, Apple also unveiled an optional smart keyboard. Although the price of the keyboard is higher than similar products launched by Apple in the past, its design is quite eye-catching. Let's take a look at the 5 characteristics of this keyboard and see if you should spend a lot of money for it.

Backlit keys

The smart keyboard will be equipped with backlit keys. This is the first time Apple has introduced a keyboard for iPad products. This allows users to quickly locate the keys even in the dark.

Scissor structure

In the past, Apple's keyboards for iPad-related products have been criticized for feel. However, the smart keyboard uses a scissor-type structure with 1mm key travel, which will be closer to a notebook computer in terms of feel, and can bring a quiet, silent and sensitive typing experience.


Touch trackpad

In addition to the full-size keys on the front of the keyboard, the most obvious discovery is the touch trackpad designed by Apple for "multi-touch" gestures. In addition, the cursors above iPadOS 13.4 will also be improved. The improved cursors can be converted to the tools you need based on the content you point to. It also supports mice connected via Bluetooth or USB.

Touch trackpad

Cantilever design

The most attractive part of this smart keyboard is the cantilever design. The smart control keyboard uses the magnetic force to adsorb the iPad Pro, so that the iPad Pro can be suspended in the air. For work, this design should reduce the pressure on the neck, and it is more free to adjust the angle, up to 130 degrees.

ipad pro Keyboard

Protective shell

Even with the cantilever design, Apple still allows this keyboard to fold into a protective case for the iPad Pro. In addition to being more convenient to carry out, it can also be used to protect the front and back of the fuselage. When folded, the USB‑C port allows for penetrating charging.

ipad pro keyboard