watchOS 7 Public Beta 6 free download
Aug 2020

Kirsten Thomas

watchOS 7 Public Beta 6 free download

For many years, Apple has only provided Public Beta versions for iOS, macOS and iPadOS. However, in this year's WWDC, Apple has stated that watchOS 7 will launch a public beta version for the first time, and today watchOS 7 Beta 6 is officially released!

Upgrade requirements

  • The minimum upgrade requirement for watchOS 7 is Apple Watch Series 3 or above
  • IPhone must be upgraded to iOS 14 Beta

Can rise can't fall

Unlike iPhone/iPad/Mac, you can downgrade even if you are dissatisfied after the upgrade. Once the Apple Watch is upgraded to watchOS 7 Beta, it cannot return to watchOS 6. In addition, users have to upgrade to the latest watchOS Beta every 1-2 weeks, until the official version of watchOS 7 can be released from the Beta environment. If there are some accidents in the process of upgrading watchOS (although the chance is not high), the user can only send the Apple Watch back to Apple for repair and cannot handle it by himself.

Sleep tracking function

watchOS 7 finally added the anticipated sleep tracking function. It can analyze the user's sleep time and compare it with the time set by themselves, so that you can know if you have enough sleep, and you will get better when you wake up every day by looking at Apple Watch. Know if you have more or less bedtime today than yesterday.

watchos 7 sleep

watchos 7 sleep 2

Wash your hands automatically

During the epidemic, everyone should also be careful to wash their hands carefully for at least 20 seconds. watchOS 7 introduces the hand-washing time calculation function. When you wash your hands, Apple Watch will detect that you are washing your hands, and then it will calculate the time you wash your hands, and has a countdown function. How much is 20 seconds away.

watchos 7 Wash hand

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