watchOS 7 officially debuts new surface
Sep 2020

Kirsten Thomas

watchOS 7 officially debuts new surface

Apple officially released watchOS 7 today, and users of Apple Watch Series 4 or above can also upgrade. The new watchOS adds many improvements, including new features such as a new watch face, sharing Watch Face, sleep tracking, hand washing time calculation and so on.

Better Watch Face and sharing functions

watchOS 7 provides more personalized surface settings to make the surface more beautiful and more usable. Watch Faces can now be downloaded from the App Store, and can be shared via Message or Mail.

watchos 7 face 03

watchos 7 face 02

Sleep tracking function

watchOS 7 finally added the anticipated sleep tracking function. It can analyze the user's sleep time and compare it with the time set by themselves, so that you can know if you have enough sleep, and you will get better when you wake up every day by looking at Apple Watch. Know if you have more or less bedtime today than yesterday.

watchos 7 sleep 2

watchos 7 sleep

Wash your hands automatically

During the epidemic, everyone should also be careful to wash their hands carefully for at least 20 seconds. watchOS 7 introduces the hand-washing time calculation function. When you wash your hands, Apple Watch will detect that you are washing your hands, and then it will calculate the time you wash your hands, and has a countdown function. How much is 20 seconds away.