watchOS 7 features preview new features, improved intelligence
Mar 2020

Kirsten Thomas

watchOS 7 features preview new features, improved intelligence

After the news of Apple Watch Series 6 came out, there will be news of watchOS 7 again today. From the code of iOS 14 streaming out, I found the following temporarily:

  • Share Surface: Allow users to share surface settings with other users.
  • Infograph Pro Surface: The popular Infograph Surface will be released in Pro, which includes a speedometer to calculate the current movement speed.
  • Create a surface with photos: In addition to creating a surface with photos from iPhone, watchOS 7 can create a surface with Shared Album.
  • Parental control: watchOS 7 allows parents' iPhones to manage their children's Apple Watch.
  • School time: Allows parents to set school time to restrict the application of Apple Watch Apps.
  • Control Center: The control center of watchOS 7 will add Sleep Mode and noise detection options.
  • Architecture direction: In watchOS 7, applications will no longer appear as Extensions, that is, they can operate independently without relying on mobile phones. WatchOS has been independent since watchOS 6, but watchOS 7 may have more cooperation.