U.S. judge: Apple to compensate for flaws in MacBook butterfly keyboard design
Dec 2019

Kirsten Thomas

U.S. judge: Apple to compensate for flaws in MacBook butterfly keyboard design

In May 2018, a group of MacBook users in the United States filed a class action lawsuit in federal court over a flawed butterfly keyboard design. Apple has asked the court to withdraw the lawsuit.

Recently, U.S. federal judge Edward Davila formally rejected Apple's request, stating that Apple needs to face design flaws, provide effective repair solutions for MacBook users, and compensate customers for the fees they pay for repairs. Although Apple has provided customers with a free keyboard repair program, the replacement of the keyboard did not solve the design defect, so the related problems will recur in the future.

Apple MacBook Butterfly Keyboard

After Apple introduced the newly designed MacBook in 2015. The butterfly keyboard is used in order to further reduce the thickness of the computer, but there are many new problems in the product. As long as a small amount of foreign matter enters the keyboard, there is a chance to damage the keyboard. In the design of the third-generation butterfly keyboard, a film was added in the hope that the problem could be solved, but the problem was still not solved. Eventually, Apple admitted that the third-generation butterfly keyboard still had defects.

Second class action MacBook Butterfly Keyboards five violations

Since the 16-inch version of the MacBook Pro was launched, the butterfly keyboard has finally been replaced with a scissors keyboard. I believe that the new MacBook will also use the scissors keyboard design one by one in the future.