MacBook Pro Touch Bar Pet Are Easy Healing Fun Project Touchbar Pet
Dec 2019

Kirsten Thomas

MacBook Pro Touch Bar Pet Are Easy Healing Fun Project Touchbar Pet

I believe you all raised electronic chickens when you were young? Maybe your share of innocence hasn't disappeared yet. This time, I want to recommend a method that can be implemented without spending money. Rely on "Touchbar Pet" to raise electronic chickens on the MacBook Pro laptop Touch Bar.

It's not difficult to raise electronic chickens with Touch Bar

I believe everyone knows that in 2016 Apple introduced the Touch Bar for the MacBook Pro. The original physical buttons can be used to adjust the volume, screen brightness, and music control keys. You can use the touch bar directly, but this space can only display the control buttons?

Some foreign developers, Grace Avery, have used their creativity to change the position of the Touch Bar ’s touch bar into an electronic chicken space, and developed a very unique pet-growing game “Touchbar "Pet", the overall design is very healing, so that users can also call the electronic chicken to recall the joy of childhood when they are working and working.

At present, it is only a beta demo version. At first it will be an egg on the touch bar.

Touch Bar Pet 2

If you touch it with your fingers, the egg will spread a cat with only two feet, but there is a long tail at the back, and the health and hunger index will be displayed next to the Touch Bar.

Touch Bar Pet 3

If you want to feed food, you can tap the Touch Bar directly and the feed will appear.

Several feeds can be thrown away, and pets will slowly finish eating one by one.