This year’s iPhone may add Touch ID for fingerprint recognition under the screen
Feb 2021

Kirsten Thomas

This year’s iPhone may add Touch ID for fingerprint recognition under the screen

Stepping into 2021, more iPhone 13 rumors reappear, and due to the impact of the epidemic, masks have become the new normal, and iPad Air 4 has introduced the power button Touch ID, which makes many people expect iPhone 13 to rejoin Touch ID support.

The Wall Street Journal Joanna Stern recently wrote an article to predict the changes in the next generation of iPhone, which said that it can get some inspiration from Samsung Galaxy S21. She believes that this year's iPhone may add fingerprint recognition under the screen.

She said that after wearing the mask, it takes 3 seconds to unlock the iPhone, because it is very inconvenient to change to the password input interface to manually enter the password to unlock it after detecting the Face ID failure. The Galaxy
S21 is unlocked with the fingerprint under the screen, and it takes only half a second to unlock.

Joanna said that her former Apple employee learned that Apple is studying fingerprint recognition under the screen so that the iPhone can support both Face ID and Touch ID. Currently, Galaxy S21 uses Qualcomm's second-generation ultrasonic sensor, which has a fingerprint recognition area 77% larger than the first-generation, and can obtain biological data 1.7 times that of the first-generation. The speed is 50% faster than the first generation. This means that the speed, accuracy and reliability of fingerprint unlocking under the screen have also been greatly improved.

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