There is an iPad Pro. Why should you buy an iPad Air?
Sep 2020

Kirsten Thomas

There is an iPad Pro. Why should you buy an iPad Air?

As the top product in the iPad series, iPad Pro is the first choice of many professionals when choosing a tablet. However, the iPad Air released today has many advantages over the iPad Pro. Even when choosing, I personally feel that The current new generation of iPad Air is instead the main product that consumers should consider.

In terms of functionality, iPad Pro still has a lot of advantages, such as the Face ID unlocking method that is more convenient for tablets; 120Hz screen update rate; ultra-wide-angle lens and optical radar scanner; four-speaker system, etc. Ironically, most of the advantages of the iPad Pro stop there.

The functions of the iPad Pro other than Face ID are actually designed for users in specific fields. Therefore, if there is no such demand, iPad Air will be a better choice, not to mention that iPad Air is equipped with the first 5nm The process A14 bionic chip has an absolute advantage in performance.

apple a14

When buying iPad Pro, you can choose 11-inch or 12.9-inch models, or even up to 1TB capacity. Although the iPad Air only has a model that is similar in size to the iPad Pro 11-inch, and the screen frame is slightly thicker, it has an appearance in 5 colors. In addition to the basic silver and space gray, this year's iPad Air has added three new color styles: rose gold, green and sky blue.

iPad Air 4 b

Before today, iPad Pro was the only iPad that could use Apple Pencil (2nd generation) and smart keyboard, but these are now available on iPad Air. Not only that, the iPad Air product package comes with a 20W power adapter, and the power adapter included with the iPad Pro is only 18W.

iPad Air 4 c

Price and summary
In summary, you can find that unless you are obsessed with some special functions, iPad Air is a more affordable choice, and without those professional functions, you will get a more powerful A14 chip and more Color selection, better power adapter. And most importantly, compared to buying iPad Pro, you will save  $200 by purchasing iPad Air.