The whistleblower publicly the AirPods Studio
Sep 2020

Kirsten Thomas

The whistleblower publicly the AirPods Studio

Today’s well-known revelation account @choco_bit released photos and videos that it claimed to be AirPods Studio. However, after the disclosure, it was scolded by another whistleblower, Jon Prosser. Prosser said that these images are the same as what he saw, but to protect the source of intelligence It was not published publicly. After the incident, Prosser also disclosed other information about the headset and 3D drawing images, and these images are also similar to the photos exposed earlier.

In @choco_bit disclosed photos and videos, you can see that the device claims to be in line with previous AirPods Studio Bloomberg AirPods Studio designed the prototype mentioned, Bloomberg reported that the device was made of leather, it has a retro outside Type, with rotatable oval earmuffs, the top of the earmuffs and the headband are connected by thin metal.




Jon Prosser used 3D graphics with more detailed information to break the news on AirPods Studio. He said that the headset uses advanced leather and metal materials, magnetic earmuff pads, and can detect left and right ears. Interchangeable, no audio connector, with USB C connector.