The official version of macOS Big Sur will be released on November 12
Nov 2020

Kirsten Thomas

The official version of macOS Big Sur will be released on November 12

In Apple's One More Thing conference, it was announced that the official version of macOS Big Sur will be officially launched on November 12. Note that this refers to US time. It is estimated that Hong Kong and Taiwan will launch the update in the early morning of November 13. Developer will receive the macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 RC 2 version today, and the official version of Big Sur launched on November 12 is estimated to be 11.0.1 RC 2 Build 20B28.

New interface experience

The new macOS Big Sur interface style has many adjustments. For example, the icon on the Dock Bar is more compatible and consistent with iPadOS. And Big Sur's control center allows users to quickly activate WiFi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, adjust light and dark, sound and other functions like iOS/iPadOS.

big sur 01-6-1

big sur dock 6-1

Dock Bar interface is more "round" icon and closer to iPadOS.

big sur controlcenter 6-1

The control center is like iPad OS, which can easily control the start/stop of Mac functions.

big sur notif 6-1

The notification center of Big Sur has also been improved. Now more widgets of different sizes can be added to facilitate users to obtain information in real time.

Safari added privacy report function

Safari has become more beautiful and personalized on the interface. The homepage can be customized with a background image and has an automatic translation function to facilitate users to browse web pages in different languages. In addition, the new version adds the "Privacy Report" function to view the tracking URL used behind the website.

big sur safari 01-6-1

Safari can customize the homepage background image.

big sur 2

Safari can preview the content of the Tab page.

big sur safari 03-6-1

New Privacy Report function

Safari is 50% faster than Chrome and saves power

Officially, Safari is 50% faster than Chrome when it loads some frequently viewed web pages. The streaming playback can be 3 hours longer than Chrome/Firefox. Web browsing is 1 hour longer than Chrome/Firefox.