The new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is now available for pre-order
Apr 2020

Kirsten Thomas

The new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is now available for pre-order

The new smart keyboard for the new iPad Pro is now available for pre-order and is expected to start shipping to customers next week. The clever control keyboard brings many uses and functions to the iPad Pro, and can perfectly experience the newly added touch trackpad support function of iPadOS 13.4.

The cleverly controlled keyboard attracts the iPad Pro with magnetic force, and adopts a cantilever design, so that the gorgeous "multi-touch" screen can smoothly adjust the viewing angle on the display, up to 130 degrees. A full-size keyboard with a portable design provides a 1 mm keystroke scissor structure with backlit keys. Whether you put it on your lap or desk, you can have a comfortable and sensitive typing experience. The touch-sensitive trackpad of the cleverly controlled keyboard can be clicked anywhere, making navigation smoother, cursor control simpler, and more precise adjustment, adding an interactive latitude to the iPad-based design. The ingenious control keyboard has USB-C pass-through charging function, allowing iPad Pro to vacate the USB-C port for external hard drives or monitors and other accessories. To enhance security, when the smart keyboard is connected and the iPad Pro is closed, the microphone of the iPad Pro will be disconnected to prevent leakage of audio data.

Clever control keyboard can fully play the unique experience of iPadOS. When the user moves their finger on the built-in touch trackpad, the indicator will switch gracefully to highlight the user interface elements. The "multi-touch gestures" on the touch trackpad allow users to navigate the entire system quickly and easily without having to raise their arms. The touchpad support function of iPadOS is designed to work with many commonly used apps. Writing and editing text in Pages and Memos is easy and freehand; using Keynote to process multiple contents is easier and easier than ever; when Numbers creates and organizes huge spreadsheets, the accuracy is further improved, making various operations more convenient.

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The new smart keyboard is designed to work with the new iPad Pro and is compatible with older iPad Pro models. The most advanced iPad Pro has the fastest speed and the most powerful performance. It has an innovative and breakthrough optical radar scanner, professional camera, professional performance and professional audio. Together with the perfect combination of smart keyboard and Apple Pencil, it can help You calmly handle professional workflows and push the limits of iPad functionality to a new level.

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