The new iPhone or both Touch ID and Face ID
Feb 2021

Kirsten Thomas

The new iPhone or both Touch ID and Face ID

Apple filed a new patent application on July 31, 2020. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced and confirmed the patent application today, named "Photodetectors Integrated into Thin-Film Transistor Backplanes". The patent shows that Apple intends to Cameras, biometrics, depth sensors and other components are all placed on the screen, so the new iPhone may have the opportunity to carry both Face ID and Touch ID unlock functions.

The patent describes in detail that related functions will collect user fingerprints, palm prints, 3D facial recognition and retina data, but are only used for identification (unlocking) or authentication, and will not be uploaded to Apple's servers.

touch id

However, the patent does not only mean that it is only limited to the iPhone, so in the future MacBook, iPad and even the rumored Apple Car can be used. In the days when you need to wear a mask in the past year, Touch ID seems to be more important than Face ID. If the patent is really applied to the iPhone, how convenient it would be.