The new generation of macOS Big Sur debut
Jun 2020

Kirsten Thomas

The new generation of macOS Big Sur debut

Apple officially released a new generation of macOS called macOS Big Sur at WWDC. It is worth noting that it is no longer named after macOS 10.X, but macOS 11. Since macOS Big Sur supports the ARM-based Apple Silicon processor, it is appropriate to describe it as "change the dynasty". However, outside the framework, it is also mainly fine-tuning, not surprising.

New interface experience

There are many adjustments to the new macOS Big Sur interface style. For example, the icons on the Dock Bar are more compatible and consistent with iPadOS. Big Sur's control center allows users to quickly activate functions like WiFi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, dimming and sound adjustment, just like iOS/iPadOS.

big sur 1

big sur dock

Dock Bar interface is more "round" icon and closer to iPadOS.

big sur controlcenter

Like the iPad OS, the control center can easily control the on/off of Mac functions.

big sur notif

Big Sur's notification center has also been improved, and now more widgets of different sizes can be added to facilitate users to obtain information in real time.

Safari adds privacy reporting

Safari has become more beautiful and personalized on the interface. The home page can be customized with background images, and there is an automatic translation function to facilitate users to browse web pages in different languages. In addition, the new version adds the "Privacy Report" feature to view the tracking URL used on the back of the website.

big sur safari

Safari can customize the background image of the home page.

big sur safari 2

Safari can preview the content of the Tab page.

big sur safari 3

New Privacy Report function

Safari is 50% faster than Chrome and saves power

Officials say that Safari is 50% faster than Chrome when loading some frequently viewed webpages. Streaming playback can be 3 hours longer than Chrome/Firefox. One hour more browsing time than Chrome/Firefox.