The most anticipated product among MagSafe
Oct 2020

Kirsten Thomas

The most anticipated product among MagSafe

Among the functions of many iPhone 12 series models (hereinafter referred to as iPhone 12), MagSafe is quite pleasing. With this function, you can not only perform more efficient wireless charging for iPhone, but also support a variety of different accessories. Among them, I think the product you should most look forward to is the MagSafe dual charger, because it is not only a good helper for charging at home, but also a good partner when you travel.

Let’s talk about MagSafe first. MagSafe not only allows you to achieve maximum charging efficiency during wireless charging, it also supports magnetic protective cases, card sleeves, etc., and can even be used for wireless charging while using the protective case. The secret is the magnet array.

Using a magnet array, the iPhone 12 can perfectly align the position of the mobile phone charging coil when used with MagSafe charging products. With improved electronic protection, the charging rate can reach up to 15W. In addition, they also added a nanocrystalline panel to the system to obtain magnetic flux, and has a single-coil NFC sensor and magnetometer, which allows iPhone 12 to detect the magnetic field strength and respond.


Next, let’s talk about the MagSafe dual charger. For users with iPhone 12 and Apple Watch, the MagSafe dual charger is a great weapon. Not only is it can be used to charge the aforementioned two devices at the same time, what's even better is that it can be folded so that users can not only use it at home, but also easily carry it when traveling.

MagSafe Duo Chargers

The MagSafe dual charger is expected to be on sale later than other MagSafe products, and if you are not using Apple Watch, you can also directly purchase the MagSafe charger for use.