The iPhone SE pre-sale officially begins 10 most-regarded FAQs
Apr 2020

Kirsten Thomas

The iPhone SE pre-sale officially begins 10 most-regarded FAQs

The official launch of iPhone SE, which can be regarded as Apple's most cost-effective iPhone, has attracted many friends who still use iPhone 6/7/8 The following is a summary of some of the issues that everyone cares most about, so that everyone can consider buying or not.

Q: What is special about iPhone SE?
A: The simplest sentence is cheap! For iPhones of $399, the fluency will not be much different from the iPhone 11 Pro.

Q: Is iPhone SE enough?
A: With A13 processor, the fluency will never lose iPhone 11 PRo, but like other products, it depends on how you define "enough enough". If you do n’t like big screens and do n’t pay much attention to Face ID, then iPhone SE Actually it is enough.

Apple A13

Q: Is the iPhone SE screen really small?
A: This is a relative problem. It is no different from the iPhone 6/7/8, but of course it is thinner than Plus, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11, but it will feel better.

You can see here , comparable to the size of different mobile phones.

iphone se 2

Q: How big is the iPhone SE battery?
A: It is not much different from the iPhone 8. It is rumored to be 1821mAh. The broadcast with the iPhone 11 can last up to 17 hours, while the iPhone SE has 13 hours.

Q: What is the quality of iPhone SE photography?
A: In simple terms, you can think of the iPhone 11 as a single-mirror version. Thanks to the use of the A13 chip, a new generation of smart HDR technology is available. There is no Night Mode for the iPhone 11 series, but there is a portrait mode. It is estimated that the shooting quality of the iPhone SE is similar to that of the iPhone 11 (except for Night Mode) and portrait mode, which is better than the iPhone XR/XS.

Apple new iphone se black camera and touch id

Q: Does iPhone SE have 3D Touch?
A: There is no 3D Touch, but there is Haptic Touch, which is a function used by the iPhone XR / iPhone 11 series. The operation is no different from 3D Touch, but there is a small gap in feel.

Q: Does iPhone SE have dual card dual standby?
A: iPhone SE can support dual SIM, but it is not a physical dual SIM, and one of them is eSIM.

Apple new iphone se sim

Q: Does iPhone SE have WiFi 6 support?
A: Yes, the iPhone SE supports WiFi 6, which is the same as the iPhone 11 series. With the WiFi 6 Router, you can have the best WiFi speed.

Q: Does iPhone SE have 5G support?
A: No, only Gigabit-class LTE supports it.

Q: Is iPhone SE waterproof?
A: iPhone SE is splash-proof and water-resistant up to IP67 standard, and can reach a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

iphonese water