The iPad version of Photoshop negative reviews continue to have Adobe say
Nov 2019

Kirsten Thomas

The iPad version of Photoshop negative reviews continue to have Adobe say

Earlier this month, Adobe finally launched the Adobe Photoshop app they promised last year on iPadOS. However, they said "Full version of Photoshop" last year, but this app is not complete, I am afraid even the desktop version. Photoshop doesn't have half of the functions, and even the supported languages ​​are very few. It teaches many netizens to be dissatisfied. In particular, the application provides a monthly subscription service, which makes many people think that there is no such value.

I have a subscription to Adobe's photography program, so I can use the full iPad version of Photoshop. However, shortly after the trial, I found some basic features that it doesn't support. I often have to open 2 or 3 applications to complete me. What I can do in the desktop version of Photoshop, all I want to do is scale and change the image size.

In the case of such a shortage of application functions, Adobe has actually launched a vaccination. At the time of the launch of the application, Adobe wrote on the official blog : "This is just the beginning. The first version of Photoshop on the iPad will focus on synthesis, modification. The most common features of Photoshop users, such as opacity and normal work. Over time, as we understand how mobile devices customers use Photoshop, more features and workflows are added."

In other words, users who want to experience the true "complete Photoshop" on the iPad have to wait for a while. However, if Adobe wants to allow users to pay for subscriptions at this stage, I am afraid that it will only lead to more negative comments.