Teach you how to choose the most practical 16-inch MacBook Pro
Jan 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Teach you how to choose the most practical 16-inch MacBook Pro

Apple has launched the latest generation of MacBook Pro 16-inch version. The new product is significantly improved in all aspects compared to the previous generation 15-inch. But as a user, how do you choose a 16-inch MacBook Pro? Now I have a few suggestions. I hope that before you buy a MacBook Pro, you should understand it and let your money be used in a more suitable place.

1: Never buy a 2.4 GHz Intel Core i9 processor version

Apple 16 inch MacBook Pro Advanced Thermal Design

Why not upgrade to the limit? Because the new-generation MacBook Pro has a better thermal design, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is still difficult to suppress the 9th-generation Intel Core i9 processor. Under long-term computing, the 2.3 GHz i9 processor can only maintain a maximum of about 3 GHz. How often do you spend an extra $200 to upgrade an upgrade that you can't actually feel? (Yes, if you are working at 0° C, you can upgrade)

Apple MacBook Pro 16

2: Do not buy the entry version and then upgrade the required hardware

Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch

Many people think that if you need to upgrade one of the entry-level 16-inch MacBook Pros, the price will be close to the high-end version (only about $200), but what can you get for $200? That is, i7 is upgraded to i9 (30% faster), faster graphics card (30% faster), 512 GB is upgraded to 1TB version, so if you think that there is something in the entry-level hardware that needs to be upgraded, buy the high-equipped version directly Well, more cost-effective.

3: Don't upgrade RAM

apple macbookpro 8 core 3d graphics

I bought such a high-end professional-grade computer, of course, to go further? At present, 16 GB of RAM is indeed sufficient for users, but 32 GB of RAM can allow you to handle more work at the same time, and if you buy a high-profile version, it is recommended to upgrade the graphics card to 8 GB of VRAM at the same time, because in image processing, RAM Not enough to use.