Suspected AirTag instructions exposed to use wireless charging
Sep 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Suspected AirTag instructions exposed to use wireless charging

According to legend, Apple’s anti-lost accessory AirTag will debut this year, and now there are suspected product instructions exposed, and it is stated that AirTag can be charged with a wireless charging panel or a dedicated charger, and the Apple wireless charging panel appears in the description. The AirPower device also seems to imply that the restart of the AirPower development project is indeed true.

According to the explanation of the person who broke the news, these pictures are provided to the manufacturer to explain the test device, so it may be different from the future sales version. In any case, this seems to confirm that AirTag will be equipped with a dedicated charger similar to Apple Watch, as long as the device is placed on the charger to charge.

In addition, another picture demonstrates how to attach AirTag to the key ring. However, the description of the picture uses the term "rubber ring", so the source believes that this picture should only be used as a picture for future instructions.