Super suspected iPhone 12 Pro Max design big exposure
Apr 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Super suspected iPhone 12 Pro Max design big exposure

Recently, the rumors about the new iPhone 12 series are very popular, and now YouTuber EverythingApplePro has also collaborated with the highly-reliable breaking news person Max Weinbach to produce a real machine model that is currently considered to be the most likely appearance of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. At the same time, it also revealed some key points in the design of the new machine.

In fact, the new machine shown in this video is very consistent with the past iPhone 12 rumors, including a three-camera system with optical radar scanner , smaller front lens space , and iPad Pro-like edge design.

iPhone 12 Pro Max 1

However, he also pointed out an important point in the video, that is, the frame of the screen will be reduced by 0.9mm, which means that the thickness of the screen frame of the iPhone 12 Pro Max will reach 1.55mm.

iPhone 12 Pro Max 2

In addition, although he cannot determine the actual size of the main camera space, he can determine that the main camera space will be larger than before in order to join the optical radar scanner, which coincides with our previous predictions.

iPhone 12 Pro Max 3