Some Apple Watch SEs have overheating issues
Oct 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Some Apple Watch SEs have overheating issues

The Apple Watch SE released in September of this year is already on sale, but some South Korean users left a message in the Reddit discussion area that the Apple Watch SE became hot after a few hours of use. The post stated that it was temporarily confirmed that 6 South Korean users also had this problem. All of them purchased the 40mm version of Apple Watch SE. Some used the GPS version and others used the LTE version, including silver, gray, and Nike versions.

The overheating problem prevents users from wearing Apple Watch, and after charging, they find that there is a "yellow dot" on the upper right of the surface screen, which cannot be used normally. The cause of the problem is temporarily unknown, and it is also unknown why the problem is concentrated in South Korea. It is estimated that there may be problems during the production of this batch of Apple Watch SE.