Samsung Galaxy S6 review: what's the difference compared to the iPad Pro?
Jan 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Samsung Galaxy S6 review: what's the difference compared to the iPad Pro?

I believe many users know that there are only a few companies that are still developing Android tablets. Among them, the one that fights the most with Apple is the Galaxy Tab series launched by Samsung, and the top flagship machine, the Galaxy Tab S6. The author recently Started curiously, in the end, how is it different from Apple's iPad Pro? Let me introduce you now.

Full-screen design: OLED colors are better but iPad is more practical

samsung galaxy tab s6 vs ipad pro

The Liquid Retina display used by Apple's iPad Pro has a 120 Hz update rate. You will feel a significant improvement in different uses. For many users, the most helpful 120 Hz is when using Pencil , You can have a more realistic, lower latency experience, with stronger image processing performance than XBOX One X, used for painting and games, iPad Pro has absolute advantages.

The Galaxy Tab S6 uses a 60 Hz 2K OLED display, which is not as smooth as the iPad Pro. However, if your main purpose of using a tablet is for multimedia purposes, the Galaxy Tab S6 can definitely bring you super-high-quality images. Experience.

Software support

ipad pro

On iPad Pro, there is a strong tablet software foundation, and a large number of iPad-specific software. Compared with the Android platform, it has absolute advantages. Although the interface of the iPad Pro has changed, which may cause some inconvenience to the user, it will pass over time. , Now the software that supports the latest iPad Pro is quite popular.

In terms of Samsung software, it can be said that many softwares are enlarged versions of mobile phones. Even when you download a lot of software, you will see a "Not Optimized" reminder. Therefore, only some Office software supports the software. Nothing compares to the iPad, you have the idea of ​​"I'm using a 10-inch phone" instead of a tablet.

Input method

Both iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S have the characteristics of designing a physical keyboard as a product. However, in terms of input methods, I think that the outside world rarely mentions them. However, as a writer, I think Samsung Galaxy is actually used. Tab S6 is better, the main reason is that it supports 3rd party input method.

iPad Pro only supports Apple's own input method. Although users who are accustomed to using Cangjie will not feel a problem, many users, including the author, are not Cangjie experts. When using the iPadOS input method, they can only use their computers. Half the speed, but Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, in text input, you can use more different input methods, such as Google ’s Cantonese input method, with continuous typing function, it is much better than the iPad Pro's native input method.

Battery use

Galaxy Tab S6 vs iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro and Galaxy Tab S6, although the battery life is not much different, but because iPad Pro with iPadOS, energy management is quite good, during standby time, iPad Pro only maintains standby mode in 1 week, power It's down 30%, but for comparison, the Galaxy Tab S6 has dropped more than 20% after 24 hours of standby.

Summary: iPad Pro is better

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 vs Apple iPad Pro

iPad Pro has more advantages in work and entertainment. The battery, performance, display update rate, and number of software all have overwhelming advantages. For comparison, the Galaxy Tab S6 for Android is more suitable for general text workers. Under the third-party input method supported on the keyboard, the author thinks Samsung's superiority.