QR code for suspected iOS 14 AR application exposure
May 2020

Kirsten Thomas

QR code for suspected iOS 14 AR application exposure

Apple's pursuit of AR has never stopped. On the latest iPad Pro, they also use optical radar scanners to achieve more accurate AR effects. There are also rumors that Apple will release AR glasses as soon as this year. According to the information of Moving Products , in iOS 14, Apple will also launch an AR application "Gobi", and will also launch new AR functions in the "Find" App.

And from the other exposed pictures, you can also see the new QR Code format. Interestingly, in the Apple Glass information that Jon Prosser broke last night , it also mentioned that the glasses can be used to scan Apple's exclusive QR Code.


In addition, the internal document also revealed a new way for the "Find" App to guide users. It will be guided by tactile feedback and sound. For example, when you move toward a lost device, the system will make an encouraging sound, and vice versa It will make a frustrating voice. And this may be used in conjunction with the rumored AirTags.