Patent shows that Apple is considering launching matte black MacBook
Dec 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Patent shows that Apple is considering launching matte black MacBook

In many fields of equipment, matte black is always a popular color choice, and there are always many people who hope that Apple will launch more matte black products, even MacBook. The good news is that Apple’s latest patent application shows that they are indeed considering this, and pointed out that the surface treatment of this patent can be applied to different metals or alloys such as aluminum, titanium, and iron.

The patent states that this surface treatment includes an anode treatment layer, which can use randomly distributed light absorption features to achieve the function of absorbing visible light. The tiny holes in the coating are filled with color particles. Finally, a rather deep matte black can be achieved.

Apple pointed out that true black is actually quite difficult to achieve. Generally speaking, if the color of the product is darker, the surface gloss will be higher, and finally it will reflect a lot of visible light. By etching small holes on the surface of the anodized layer, a large amount of visible light can be absorbed to achieve a more real black without increasing the gloss of the surface.

Of course, this does not mean that Apple will definitely launch a matte black MacBook in the future, but it can be seen from the patent that the company is indeed considering this. In addition, in the past, Apple also launched products with similar colors, such as iPhone 7.

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