Patent shows Apple intends to add Touch ID to Apple Watch
Feb 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Patent shows Apple intends to add Touch ID to Apple Watch

Although the Apple Watch is getting more and more powerful, there are still some features that users continue to want. One of them is the support of Touch ID. In an Apple patent published today by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the USPTO, Apple has shown that Apple has deliberately introduced Touch ID functionality to the Apple Watch.

The name of this patent is crown of electronic watch, but the summary description is quite general. It only mentions that the case of the electronic watch will be connected with a transparent cover, and the case will have an extended crown and definition diagram Features like surface. A light guide is added to the crown to connect the image of the object to the image surface on the image sensing element.

However, it is easier to understand after viewing the icon depicted in the patent. In the following figure, you can see that the image of the object 301 enters the crown through the direction indicated by the 319 arrow, and then the light guide object 326 (may be a mirror object) The image is reflected on the image sensing element 324. The image sensor can analyze the surface of the object, such as fingerprints.


To make it a bit simpler, if this function is used to identify fingerprints, users only need to put their fingers on the crown and push it in one direction, and the watch's image sensing element can receive your fingerprint image. And analyze.

fingerprints 2

So if Apple implements this patent in the future, you can imagine that you can unlock your Apple Watch by simply sliding your finger on the crown in the future, without having to enter a password or unlock with your iPhone.