Over 10,000 games off the Chinese App Store
Jul 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Over 10,000 games off the Chinese App Store

Earlier, it was reported that Apple will soon remove games (including in-app purchases or paid games) from the Chinese App Store that do not have a version number. Apple has officially implemented the relevant measures on July 1. It is estimated that there are currently about 60,000 sets of paid/included in-app games in the Chinese App Store, but only 43,000 of them have obtained the version number.

However, due to the substantial tightening of China's mobile game review in 2019, only less than 1,600 sets of works won the version number throughout 2019. It is estimated that 10,000 mobile games have been removed from the App Store in China. Many of them are well-known foreign countries. For example, Rockstar's GTA series of mobile games cannot be operated in July.