No problem with lens production of iPhone 12
Aug 2020

Kirsten Thomas

No problem with lens production of iPhone 12

The media quoted Guo Mingchi’s report last week and pointed out that Yujingguang has a quality problem with coating cracks in the production of the iPhone 12 lens, which may cause delays in shipments. However , the latest DigiTimes report points out that Yujingguang has no quality problems in lens production at all. In other words, the shipment time of iPhone 12 should not be delayed.

The report pointed out that Yujingguang's lens production operations went smoothly, and the requirements from its customers have not changed. This is very different from Guo Mingchi's report, but regardless of whether Yujingguang has production quality problems or not, because Apple still has another supplier of lenses, Largan, so outside expectations have little impact on the delivery time.

As for when will the iPhone 12 be launched? Today’s well-known whistleblower Jon Prosser also gave a more specific schedule , pointing out that the iPhone 12 series models will be released in October and November respectively.