Next year MacBook Pro 16 or M1X chip!
Dec 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Next year MacBook Pro 16 or M1X chip!

After Apple released the M1 chip, the most people asked what Intel is doing in recent years? Why does Apple design processors so much faster than Intel? For Intel, M1 may just be the beginning of a nightmare!

According to leaks from LeaksapplePro , Apple intends to use a faster processor than M1 in the 16-inch version of MacBook Pro launched next year. For the time being, it can be called M1X, and the official name has not yet been determined (maybe M2).

The M1X processor has 12 cores, of which there are 8 performance cores and 4 energy-saving cores. The performance is definitely better than M1. And @LeaksApplePro also mentioned the specifications of the MacBook Pro 16, which uses the M1X chip (name not determined), supports up to 64GB RAM, and SSD supports up to 8TB, and the price is $2,399.
The launch date is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2021, which is a bit different from the well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who expects to release the newly designed MacBook in the second half of 2021.