News refers to Apple testing iPhone running macOS
Jul 2020

Kirsten Thomas

News refers to Apple testing iPhone running macOS

Earlier, Apple launched the Catalyst Project, the purpose is to make iPad applications can be more easily ported to macOS. But this move has also caused many people to guess, is Apple intending to unify iOS and macOS?

With the use of ARM processors for Mac, @MaruriQHD means that Apple is studying plugging iPhone into Docking or screen, and then let users have desktop experience. It's like Samsung DeX can output Android to the screen through USB-C to HDMI cable and have a dedicated desktop.

It is reported that Apple has made a "trial machine" and has two options (choose one). I was asked if it would be like Boot Camp, which generally allows users to choose to enter MacOS or iOS, and it is said that this is more like a hybrid method than Boot Camp. He believes that there is a 95% chance to launch, but not 100%. There are still many factors related to whether it will be launched.

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