New AirPods X Gen, Apple TV, iPod Touch appear in inventory system
Feb 2020

Kirsten Thomas

New AirPods X Gen, Apple TV, iPod Touch appear in inventory system

According to the news from 9to5mac, a large number of new Apple products have been listed on the Target inventory system of major US retailers, including AirPods (X Generation), Apple TV, iPod Touch and Apple Watch straps.

New AirPods are priced higher than AirPods Pro

The most notable thing is that this time a product called AirPods (X Generation) appeared in Target's inventory system, and the price was as high as $399. In the past, Target's inventory system also tried to add some unreleased products first, but the product name may not be the same as the final product.

Recently, many analysts also said that Apple intends to expand the AirPods product line. This may be different from the current AirPods Pro "headphones". In addition, the AirPods Pro Lite version may also be launched shortly.

New Apple TV appears

Apple TV 4K is already a product released in September 2017. This time I saw Apple TV Gen X appear in Target's inventory system. The price is $179.99. It is likely to reflect that Apple TV is about to launch a brand new version. It is estimated that the new version of Apple TV will improve performance on the processor to cope with higher demand Apple TV games.

apple tv

New iPod Touch version also appears

What may surprise is the iPod Touch X Generation project, which is priced at 399.99, which is the current price of the higher-end version of the iPod Touch.

Apple may launch at the end of March

Market news indicates that Apple will hold a press conference at the end of March, with the protagonists being iPhone SE 2 (or iPhone 9), iPad Pro 2nd Generation, and AirPods Pro Lite.