Media broke: iOS 14 will have built-in web translation for Safari
Jun 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Media broke: iOS 14 will have built-in web translation for Safari

iOS 14 is expected to be officially released at the WWDC conference at the end of this month, and the outside world is also looking forward to what new features this version will introduce. Now 9to5Mac claims that through the early version of iOS 14 they obtained, it is found that the new system version will support Safari web translation and full support of Apple Pencil in the web page.

Foreign media said that the webpage translation function seems to be performed independently for a single webpage, but users can also enable automatic translation, so that when Safari detects the target language, it can be automatically translated into the language you want to watch, even without re-reading the webpage. To switch the reading language.

In addition, not only Safari, they also found that Apple is testing this feature in other apps, such as the App Store. In this way, the system can translate the description field of the app.

These translation functions are not achieved through the connection, but through the neural network engine, so it should be able to translate without a network connection, of course, the translated content will not be sent to Apple, to protect user privacy .

As for the full support of Apple Pencil on the web, foreign media explained that this means that Apple Pencil can be used not only to click or slide the screen on the web page, but also to draw or mark.