MacBook Air M1 GeekBench beats MacBook Pro 16 i9
Nov 2020

Kirsten Thomas

MacBook Air M1 GeekBench beats MacBook Pro 16 i9

After the release of MacBook Air M1 , people are concerned about whether the performance of MacBook Air will be "depressed", thus highlighting the better performance of MacBook Pro? Earlier, we reported that the M1 running points flowed out , and the performance is only a few hundred points behind the 8-Core Mac Pro's Multi Core performance. Today, the Geekbench website shows the running score of the MacBook Air10,1 model, which shows that the Apple Silicon processor is used, the clock is 3.2GHz and the macOS 11.0.1 Build 20B29 (ie RC2) is used.

In terms of single core, the score is 1687, which is similar to the A14. With the 8-core blessing, the multi-core score of the MacBook Air M1 version is as high as 7433 points, which is about 20% higher than the 6012 points of the 8-core processor using Intel Core i9-9880H.

mba m1 geekbench

As seen from the running scores, the MacBoook Air M1 surpasses the current most expensive Apple laptop computer MacBook Pro 16. The price of MacBook Air is only about half of the MacBook Pro 16.