Mac Pro wo n’t hold up with 1.5TB of memory with 6000 pages in Chrome
Feb 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Mac Pro wo n’t hold up with 1.5TB of memory with 6000 pages in Chrome

When it comes to which web browser occupies the most memory, Google Chrome is probably the first one everyone thinks of. But what if your computer is a Mac Pro with 1.5TB of memory? The well-known technology YouTuber Jonathan Morrison recently did a whim test. He tried to open the Google Chrome tab continuously with a computer with the aforementioned conditions, and wanted to try to what extent this computer can control Chrome.

According to his description in the video, these tabs are not single pages or blank pages, but he uses programs to open random websites to simulate the real situation. Then when Chrome opened up to 5,000 tabs, it wasn't memory that was the first thing to go wrong-it was only about 300GB at the time-but the CPU.

Then he let the program continue to run all night. When he woke up the next day, he found that Chrome finally occupied more than 800GB. After Chrome opened 6000 tabs, the memory suddenly increased and he could no longer operate the browser normally.


Surprisingly, even under these conditions, the Mac Pro didn't crash. In the end, he was forced to close an unresponsive Chrome tab, which caused all the tabs to disappear, and the experiment was ended. However, Mac Pro still works normally.