Mac Pro shows Apple's improved ability to make money makes consumers more dissatisfied
Dec 2019

Kirsten Thomas

Mac Pro shows Apple's improved ability to make money makes consumers more dissatisfied

Apple has officially launched the latest generation of desktop PC Mac Pro. The new product attracts the most attention is that its price is more expensive than that of professional computers. In fact, there is no problem. As a user, The manufacturing method will feel difficult to accept, that is, subtle accessories, all require additional charges.

Apple has the above problems in the latest Mac Pro and Pro Display. For example, the Mac Pro's body scroller and the Pro Display XDR's straight frame are purchased by users for an additional fee. As a company, these products are indeed It can increase income, but from a perspective, Apple is quite a small family. As the main creative company, it is too ugly to make money in this way.

mac pro wheels

Imagine if you are consuming at McDonald's and you buy a package for take-away. The fries do not have a carton or a paper bag. How do you tell people to eat it? These are the items that should be in the product poster. Originally, there is an extra charge? Just as you buy a display, a stand is a necessity, right? The stand is more special, and there are no substitutes on the market. The user needs to pay an additional 20% of the price to buy. Why not count it in the product from the beginning?

mac pro overlay feet

Of course, you can say "the scroll wheel of the Mac Pro is not necessary", there is nothing wrong, but why does Pro Display use the above method? The stand can be said to be necessary, but Apple needs customers to buy extra ... On the other hand, the question of the Mac Pro is why 4 rollers are more expensive than an iPad It can only be said that Apple knows how to take advantage of customer psychology. "It already requires hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a computer. Isn't it worth buying thousands of dollars for wheels?" It is a psychological level carefully designed by the marketing department. Rationality "to add an additional source of income.

macpro family

In fact, Apple has absolute freedom in how it sets prices, but for users, such a powerful company has to use these small means to increase revenue. Why is it that it is not generous to calculate the necessary products directly in the price of the product? How about it? Just like the iMac Pro, it basically has a bracket, but you can also add extra money and replace it with a rack connector version. In fact, the price is the same, and it may even be more expensive. ), But the effect will be more decent.