M1 Mac successfully simulated Nintendo Switch games
Dec 2020

Kirsten Thomas

M1 Mac successfully simulated Nintendo Switch games

Developer @daeken posted a video on Twitter showing how to run the Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey on macOS X using the M1 version of the Mac. As a result, he successfully saw the game's start screen, but it was terminated after a few seconds due to some technical limitations. It is estimated that the MoltenVK runtime library used has not yet been perfectly connected.

switch m1 02

According to a report from 8-Bit, since M1 is an ARM architecture, and the Switch's processor is also an ARM architecture, M1 will be easier to implement Switch simulation than an x86 processor. As for whether you can port the Switch emulator from macOS to iOS? The developer stated that if there is a Hypervisor.framework in iOS, it is not too difficult.

switch m1

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