List of 16 new features and improvements in the official version of iPadOS 14.2
Nov 2020

Kirsten Thomas

List of 16 new features and improvements in the official version of iPadOS 14.2

After the official launch of iOS 14.2, iPadOS 14.2 also debuted simultaneously. In addition to fixing problems with iPadOS, this time also special support for iPad Air 4. The detailed improvement items are as follows:

  • More than 100 new emojis, including animals, food, emoticons, household items, musical instruments, gender inclusive emojis, etc.
  • Eight new background images (including light and dark mode versions)
  • The magnifying glass can detect nearby people and use the LiDAR sensor of iPad Pro 12.9 inches (fourth generation) and iPad Pro 11 inches (second generation) to report their distance
  • In the "Camera" of iPad Air (4th generation), "Scene Detection" uses intelligent image recognition to identify subjects in the scene and automatically improve photos
  • In the "Camera" of iPad Air (4th generation), "Auto FPS" will automatically reduce the frame rate when recording videos to improve low-light shooting and optimize file size
  • AirPods' optimized battery charging reduces the battery aging rate by reducing the time that AirPods are used to fully charge
  • New AirPlay control project can stream entertainment content to every place in the home
  • Support using iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and CarPlay to "broadcast" to HomePod and HomePod mini
  • Connect HomePod to Apple TV 4K for stereo, surround sound and Dolby Atmos functions

This version also fixes the following issues:

  • The camera viewfinder may show a black screen when activated
  • The keyboard on the lock screen may miss a tap when entering the password
  • Reminders may be preset to the past time
  • The "Photo" gadget may not display content
  • The "Weather" gadget may display the maximum temperature as " Celsius" when set to "Fahrenheit "
  • "Recorder" recording will be interrupted by incoming calls
  • A black screen may appear when playing Netflix videos