Limited time offer Apple Music Free for 6 months?
Jan 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Limited time offer Apple Music Free for 6 months?

It is found from websites such as Macworld UK that if users have not used Apple Music trial, they could originally get a free trial version for 3 months, but during Christmas (until December 31, 2019), users can get 6 months Free trial.

Must condition

  • Only available in the US, Taiwan, UK, and Canada.
  • The device has not tried Apple Music (or cancelled the Apple Music service)
  • Via Shazam App .


  • Launch Shazam, select the settings interface at the top left, and then click Apple Music.

Apple Music

  • The trial period is displayed here, and the deadline is December 31. However, the author failed to obtain 6 months of free, only 4 months, unknown reasons.

Apple Music

6 months? 4 months? Or 1 month?

Many people on the Internet have discussed this, and some have been successful for 6 months for free, while others have only been 4 months. Some people who have tried Apple Music can also succeed, but some people who have recently tried Apple Music cannot get a free trial even if they cancel.

Whether you can get 6 months free of charge may be a bit of luck, but 4 months should not be difficult, but some people who have had a short trial of 3 months in the past can only get 1 month of trial! Keep in mind that if your iPhone doesn't work, take out some old iPhone or iPad and try again, it may be easier!