Japanese media reviews the weight and cantilever mechanism of the new Magic Keyboard
Apr 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Japanese media reviews the weight and cantilever mechanism of the new Magic Keyboard

Since the beginning of this week, there are pre-order Apple clever control keyboard exquisite keyboard users will begin to receive the start of this new product, and made the first media day of the keyboard MAC identified Tuan Bao is the product of detailed tests, including exposing The weight of the product, the cantilever mechanism and other places that consumers are concerned about, if you have not pre-ordered, you can first check from this article whether the product meets your needs.

First of all, the most important part of the weight part is that it is a pity that from the user mouth of the current product, the weight of the clever control keyboard (for 11-inch iPad Pro) is very heavy, and the media weight measurement result is 593 grams. With the lightest 2018 11-inch iPad Pro in the applicable style, the overall weight will be 1.061 kg, which is actually quite close to the 1.29 kg of Apple's new MacBook Air.

Smart Keyboard 2

The cantilever design may be a bit different from the user's imagination, because the main hinge part cannot be expanded to 90 °, which is only about 80 °. However, after reversing through about 1/3 of the back cover, the iPad Pro screen can be displayed at an angle close to 60 °, and the iPad Pro will also be suspended above the keyboard. According to Apple's official description, the viewing angle of the iPad Pro can be adjusted up to 130 ° when using this keyboard.

Smart Keyboard 3

In order to firmly support the iPad Pro, the magnet part of the smart keyboard back cover is more than twice that of the Smart Keyboard Folio.

Smart Keyboard 4

The USB-C connector of the hinge can be used to connect the power and charge the iPad Pro, but there is no way to transfer data or reverse charge.

Smart Keyboard 5

If you want to set the backlight brightness of the keyboard, you can find the option adjustment in "Settings" → "General" → "Keyboard" → "Hardware Keyboard". After opening, you can let the keyboard determine the backlight brightness according to the environment of the iPad Pro, but it cannot be Forcibly turn on the backlight.

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Finally, they tested the use of Apple Pencil when the iPad Pro was set up on a clever keyboard, but due to the limited viewing angle of the screen, the use of Apple Pencil was also limited. They rated the product as a keyboard with a stand.

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