Is there a bug in the iMac 2020 Advanced Edition?
Sep 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Is there a bug in the iMac 2020 Advanced Edition?

Apple introduced the latest generation of iMac 27-inch version earlier. The new machine uses the latest generation of Intel processors and a new AMD 5000 series graphics card. The performance is higher than the previous generation. But now there is the latest news, that is, there are users reporting , Which means that in the highly equipped version of iMac, devices that use AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT graphics card may have a certain chance of display problems during use.

According to foreign websites, Apple’s iMac high-equipped version, as long as the AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT graphics card is used, the display will have a certain chance of white line problems, but as long as the user uses the screen zoom function of the macOS display, it can be changed. It is resolved, so it is inferred that it is caused by a software problem. Users do not need to worry too much. I believe that a new update will be released in a short time.

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It is not the first time that Apple’s products have had problems in recent years. Since the MacBook Pro’s keyboard incident, it has been known that there are problems with the design, but it took 4 years to re-use the scissor design. After admitting the problem, it will take more than one generation of products. The design was officially changed in the new machine, which caused many customers to be dissatisfied.

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