Is the iPhone 12 bangs reduced?
Oct 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Is the iPhone 12 bangs reduced?

Among the earliest rumors about the iPhone 12, some claim that the iPhone 12 will completely eliminate the original deep sensing camera area, which is commonly known as the bangs. Later, this rumor evolved into the bangs will shrink, and even began to move the rumors of bangs design changes to the iPhone 13. And now after the official release of the iPhone 12, we can finally confirm whether the bangs of the phone have been reduced, and how much is the difference in size between it and the iPhone 11?

Through Photoshop, I used the actual height of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 as a reference standard to restore the actual size ratio of the two mobile phones. Comparing the two, it can be found that the fringe area of ​​iPhone 12 is indeed smaller than that of iPhone 11, but the reduction may not be ideal.

iPhone 12 b

Just looking at the picture above, you might think that this is because the iPhone 12 itself is relatively small. Shouldn't the bangs shrink in proportion? But from the picture below, you can find that despite the smaller size of the iPhone 12 itself, the width of the screen and the width of the stereo speakers are the same, which means that the iPhone 12’s fringe has indeed reduced the screen ratio.

iPhone 12 c

Of course, this reduction is hard to say what a big progress, but we can still be sure that Apple intends to improve the screen ratio of bangs. As for how much smaller iPhone 12 is than iPhone 11? You can directly know from the picture below that the red part is the front area of ​​the iPhone 11. It can be seen that the iPhone 12 has made a lot of progress in reducing the size of the body.