Is the iPad 8th generation a big improvement?
Sep 2020

Kirsten Thomas

Is the iPad 8th generation a big improvement?

The latest generation of iPad products launched by Apple is the 8th generation. There are many voices on the Internet saying that they are only products designed using the body of the previous generation iPad Air, but this is actually wrong, because the product has not changed the machine. Body design, the thickness of the 8th generation iPad, and the design of the display, are still the design basis of the first generation of iPad Air.

The display is still not using pressing technology!

ipad 2020 b

Apple’s iPad 8th generation products did not improve the display technology, and still use the design of the 1st generation iPad Air, which means that there is still space between the display and the glass. In other words, the reflection problem of the 8th generation iPad is still Exist, at the same time, the touch response will be relatively poor, and the thickness is also 7.5 mm of the original iPad Air (only the display is 10.2 inches).

The USB C charger does not use USB C on the body!

ipadi 2020 c

At the press conference, Apple stated that the 8th generation of iPad has switched to a USB C charger, but you should pay attention to it. Just like the iPhone Pro series, you don’t need to buy a fast charger. It does not mean that the device uses USB The C port is only USB C to Lightning, not USB C to USB C. Please pay attention before buying.