Is the 12-core M1X running substituting Intel desperate?
Feb 2021

Kirsten Thomas

Is the 12-core M1X running substituting Intel desperate?

After Apple introduced the M1 processor, the performance of the Mac has been greatly improved, and its holding power far exceeds x86, immediately surpassing Intel. Recently, Intel has also felt pressure, and even specially selected some biased benchmarks to counter Apple processors. However, M1 is only the beginning of the ARM processor Apple used on the Mac. It is rumored that Apple will launch the M1X processor this year, with 12 cores and a 3.2GHz clock that is more efficient.

And the processor website CPU Benchmark website CPU Monkey suddenly appeared suspected Apple M1X running points. Among them, Cinebench R23 scored 1514 points on Single Core, which is the same as M1, while Multi Core has 12 cores and scores as high as 14,450, which is nearly double the 8-core M1 7760! It also surpasses Intel i9-10900x (10 core X 3.7GHz).

Speed ​​is important, but power consumption is equally important! The ARM processor is far better than the Intel x86 processor in power consumption. If the Intel processor still fails to catch up with Apple in the manufacturing process, I believe M1X will still be ahead for a while.

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