Is Apple ProRAW useful to you?
Jan 2021

Kirsten Thomas

Is Apple ProRAW useful to you?

Apple has launched the latest generation of the iPhone 12 series. Among them, most people will want to know what changes have been made in the new RAW features in the iPhone 12 Pro, and why the file size of a photo can reach more than 25MB? How is it different from the general format?

RAW is an image data without any processing

RAW is an image file format used by the camera's image sensor. When the image is obtained, it has not undergone any processing and the data is unprocessed. When shooting, different information is stored in one file as much as possible. Capture live images, so users can more easily adjust the dynamic range or color gamut while retaining most of the information, so the file needs more space.

The computer requires specific software to open

apple macbook pro

The RAW format is not supported by various software or platforms, so when it is used on different devices or platforms, it needs to be converted to other more popular formats, such as .JPEG, but because of these formats, the main purpose is to greatly reduce Picture transmission time, so it is necessary to compress the photo file. This action will cause the photo file to only show the most "balanced" "image", that is, the smallest file size and maximum image quality, so that JPEG cannot be like RAW. Keep all kinds of on-site information.

Imagine that it takes one second to download the completed photos, but suddenly it becomes 10 seconds. In addition to using more time, it also increases power consumption, uses mobile data, and takes up space on social platform servers. Therefore, there must be a trade-off.

Why do I need to keep most of the information?

halide proraw comparison

I believe that for the average user, the biggest question is why keep most of the information? Isn’t it okay to use it directly after shooting? Have you ever tried it and found that the best moment after shooting was actually using the wrong exposure setting? With RAW retaining most of the information, you can use the photo editing software to change the effect you want without distorting the photo.

AI smart shooting works well, why do you need manual?

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This is the decisive key. There is nothing wrong. Now AI shooting can basically show good results, but the ability of AI is limited. It will not know the shooting settings you want most, just analyze the image that the camera is shooting. , And then compare the most similar photos in the database, the most people use the settings to assist the user, not necessarily the effect the user wants.

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Therefore, RAW can be used by users who have requirements for shooting, and it is easier to adjust the desired effect as much as possible without distortion. So, if you just want to quickly upload photos to social platforms to share interesting things about life, you don't need to use RAW. On the contrary, if you have certain requirements for photos and often edit photos manually, the RAW format can definitely give you more play.

(Of course, some people will think that if there are requirements for photography, why not use a professional camera? I believe that the RAW format appears on mobile phones to cope with it. When there is no professional camera in hand, the user can also use the smart phone to take pictures. For excellent works, the chance of always carrying a mobile phone out must be higher than the chance of carrying a professional camera.)