iPhone SE 2 has nothing new? You need to know the core value
Apr 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iPhone SE 2 has nothing new? You need to know the core value

I believe you all know that Apple once again released a new generation of iPhone SE without notice. What are the characteristics of the new machine? It has been reported for you earlier, but many netizens said that the second generation of iPhone SE is designed There is no new idea, and I am quite disappointed with the new iPhone. The author believes that this idea is the wrong focus.

1: Design is not the core

iPhone SE 2 2

Appearance is not the most important? Is there anything wrong with my brain? Some readers may have this idea, but the author truly believes that as long as it is a good design, even the design of the previous generation, it will still be used. Just like the 16-inch MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Air, both used to be considered by Apple in the past. Does the scissor design really fail? unacceptable? Everyone should have an answer.

iPhone SE 2 3

The design of the iPhone 6 is indeed outdated, but for many users, to buy the iPhone, before the launch of the iPhone SE 2, you can only buy M size, for perfectionists, would rather use the symmetrical design of the old iPhone There is Touch ID that can be unlocked at any angle, but buying a new iPhone is forced to compromise only because the strongest hardware is in the iPhone design with only FaceID.

2: Near perfect old design

iPhone SE 2 4

In addition to the lack of a multi-lens design, the iPhone SE 2 has almost all the requirements of users who originally liked the Apple experience. The iPhone SE 2 can be used in one hand. The 4.7-inch Retina HD display has a super A13 Bionic processor and Smart. HDR camera, 4K 60 fps with extended dynamic range, and the Touch ID design that can be used under the epidemic and can be used with a mask. Although it has a 16: 9 display ratio and no narrow bezel design, the internal hardware has obvious upgrade.

3: The selling price cannot be forced

iPhone SE 2 5

Both iPhone XR and iPhone 11 use Liquid Retina HD display, because of the rounded corner design and new technology, the cost is higher than that of the iPhone SE 2 Retina HD display. It is understandable to further reduce the cost and use the old design. Yes, what you need to know is that the iPhone SE2 can be said to be lacking, that is, the ultra-wide-angle camera, and the lower level of water resistance, and the rest are all iPhone 11 hardware. But the price is only half of the iPhone 11.

Summary: the most cost-effective iPhone

With A13 Bionic processor, Retina HD display, Smart HDR 6 mirror camera design, Touch ID, waterproof, the price is only half of the iPhone 11, if you are not satisfied, you can only say that you are asking too much?