iPhone 13 prototype has smaller bangs
Dec 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iPhone 13 prototype has smaller bangs

The well-known whistleblower Jon Prosser claimed that one of the prototypes of the new iPhone in 2021—iPhone 13—has a smaller front camera area, which not only means that the iPhone 13 may have a higher screen-to-body ratio, but also Therefore, a 4-camera system can be realized.

He said that in fact, Apple has been developing related designs for many years. As early as the iPhone 11, it was revealed that Apple might move the speaker to the edge to reduce the front camera area. However, although this design may be implemented on the iPhone 13, given that the development plan is still in its early stages, the probability of being implemented on the new machine next year is not high.

In addition, the current iPhone front camera area actually affects not only the screen ratio. According to the perspective view of the iPhone 12 Pro, it can be found that in order to avoid parts in the front camera area, the arrangement of the main camera system has to be adjusted and adjusted. Control the number, and if the area is reduced, iPhone may usher in more main camera lenses.