iPhone 12 VS iPhone 11 scratch resistance test
Nov 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iPhone 12 VS iPhone 11 scratch resistance test

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro have added a ceramic crystal cover. The official said that nano-scale ceramic crystals, which are harder than most metals, are integrated into the glass and are more robust than all smartphone glasses. And the plane of the phone is aligned with the frame of the phone, which makes it more protective. The combination of everything has quadrupled the ability to withstand crashes, which is the biggest improvement in the iPhone's history.

Hearing about 4 times the crash resistance, is it true? MobileReviewsEh conducted a violent test, comparing iPhone 11 with iPhone 12.

Strength test

According to Force Meter, iPhone 12 can withstand 442 Newtons, while iPhone 11 can withstand 352 Newtons, which is about 25% higher than the previous generation.

Screen hard test

In terms of hardness test, no matter you use coins, keys, stones, knives, etc., you can't scratch the screen surface of iPhone 12. Finally, using the hardness test tool, the iPhone 12 cannot be scratched at 6 degrees (the diamond hardness is 10 degrees), 7 degrees will leave a little scratch, and 8 degrees will pay attention to more obvious scratches. As for the iPhone 11, even the 6 has scratches, which shows that the iPhone 11 screen is quite scratch-resistant. The protective surface of the ceramic crystal can also be improved to a certain extent.

iphone 12 test 2

Back glass test

Although the iPhone 12 screen is obviously stronger than the iPhone 11, the test found that the back glass of the iPhone 12 is not much different from the iPhone 11 in terms of hardness and scratch resistance, so everyone should pay attention to the back protection.

iphone 12 test 3