iPhone 12 seems to support reverse wireless charging
Nov 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iPhone 12 seems to support reverse wireless charging

After Apple launched the iPhone X, the iPhone series products finally entered the era of wireless charging, and now according to documents from the Federal Communications Commission, the iPhone 12 in addition to supporting wireless charging, seems to be able to perform reverse wireless charging. In other words, users can charge other products through iPhone 12.

Of course, this feature is not currently reflected on the iPhone 12. The document only states that the 2020 iPhone model has the function of charging other devices, but the document does not explain why the device can be charged. What can be reasonably imagined at the moment is that in the future Apple may launch small devices with MagSafe functions, such as AirPods wireless charging boxes or AirTags, which may be able to use iPhone 12 for wireless charging.

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