iPhone 12 Pro Max has 5x optical zoom?
Oct 2020

Kirsten Thomas

iPhone 12 Pro Max has 5x optical zoom?

The iPhone 12 smartphone series released by Apple fully uses Super Retina XDR Display and improves the performance of the camera. It also claims that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 5x optical zoom range. In fact, for the author, I think Apple is sorry for its own brand this time. Yes, because the 5x optical zoom range is a number game.

iPhone 12 Pro Max official website writes that the 5x optical zoom range is fake?

No, the 5x optical zoom range that Apple said is true, but what you need to pay attention to is the "range", not the 5x optical zoom. What is the difference between the two? First of all, you have to understand what is meant by focus.

iPhone 12 Pro 2

Have you noticed that one of the data on the camera is 13mm, 26mm, etc.? This is the focal length. Theoretically, the smaller the number, the larger the shooting angle. The larger the number, the smaller the shooting angle, but it can shoot farther scenes. Due to the limited space of the smartphone, it cannot Like a professional camera, it can have a zoom capability of 18-55mm, and different lenses need to be used to achieve a similar optical zoom effect.

On the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera, the focal lengths of the three camera lenses are 13mm ultra-wide-angle lens, 26mm wide-angle lens, and 65mm telephoto lens. If 13mm is used as the 1x standard, it is true that the 65mm telephoto lens is 5x The focal length, but don’t forget that Apple used to set 13mm to 0.5 times, and 26mm is the standard. Therefore, compared to the iPhone in the past, the 65mm lens this time is only 2.5 times, which is an improvement, but not as big as expected.

iPhone 12 Pro 3

Compared with the main rival Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, this phone really has 5x optical zoom, and the focal length used is 13mm ultra-wide-angle lens, 26mm wide-angle lens, and 120mm telephoto lens. If Apple’s "optical zoom range" is used as the standard, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has a 10x optical zoom range.

Therefore, Apple is not fraudulent, just playing digital games, but you must know that Apple does not actually need to play with these numbers. It insists on user experience-oriented and has received a lot of user support. This time playing with numbers is for the author who is a senior Apple user. In other words, I can only lament Apple has fallen.